How to make a Brain Smash Cake (also known as a chocolate piñata)

Get your Brain working with this recipe for a chocolate smash cake. Recently I styled a wizard party and the birthday boy’s mum made a jelly brain for the buffet table. It got me thinking about other ways of using a jelly mould. So here is my how-to make a Brain Smash Cake…

You will need a Brain Mould. I got mine from Professer Plum. It can be used for jelly’s and cakes too!!!

Cake tray


White chocolate

Food colour purple and red

Melt the chocolate. I used two bags of 375g white chocolate melts but it was very thick. You may prefer just one bag to make it easier to smash.

Once the chocolate has melted, add purple food colour until you get the colour brain you want.

Pour the melted chocolate into the mould and spread it up the sides, I did this for a while to build up the sides.

Then pop in in the fridge to set. I have read that you shouldn’t store your chocolate in the fridge as it goes white. However it worked to set the brain.

Gently turn out the chocolate brain from the mould. My mould is rubber so it was easy to remove without breaking the brain.

I then painted in the grooves with a red food colour using a fine paint brush.

Then fill your brain with sweets and place on the cake board.

I took my Brain Smash Cake to School where I run the craft for After School Care. The kids loved it, at first the kids used spoon to smash it but that only chipped it, so we got the wooden rolling pin out…that did the job!!!

I’m currently designing and making a science party a chocolate brain, jelly or cake would be perfect.


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